JCR General Instructions

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This page contains information that applies to everyone using JCR.

Logging In

Nothing strange or exciting here - you log in with the username and password you were given by the administrator when he or she created your account. If you've forgotten either, the administrator can change them.

Why did I bother writing this section?

Change Password page

On the main page is a 'change password' link, which takes you to the Change Password page. You enter your current password to authenticate, and your chosen new password twice for confirmation, and your password will be changed. Passwords must be at least 6 characters long.

If you can't remember your current password, you'll need to grovel to your administrator.


At present, JCR has the following reports:

Reviews for File report

This report allows you to search for 1 or more files by their path, and view a summary of all reviews undertaken on files with that path. From there, you may jump straight to details pages to browse the comments. Note that this report is also available from the file review page.

Enter the path you wish to search for. The following notes apply to this field:

  • Your search must include the full path to the file (although you can use wildcards - see below)
  • You can optionally use the * and ? wildcard characters to mean 'any string' and 'any character' respectively
  • The search is case-sensitive.

For each distinct file path found matching your search path, a section will be displayed showing the full path of the file. Under that will appear a row for each project in which a file with that path was reviewed. The number of comments made on the file is included, and if there are any comments a link is shown to take you straight to the file comments page for the file.